miércoles, 2 de abril de 2014


The intense desire to feel different : renovated , cheerful, happy , satisfied , accomplished, with increased optimism for the future, realize that absolutely every activity I do, that every detail however small it is , we logic gives meaning to my life . In my state of mind contributes to the welfare and happiness to many. I undertake this trip because it is different from the traveling I 've done in the past. This is a journey of exploration into me , myself reunion , strengthening the concept that I have on my YO . This trip is to serve me for a day tomorrow otherwise , with greater optimism , more confident , more enthusiastic . Expected to tomorrow with less fear , less skepticism, with less effort. We perform this journey in order to discover whether the 10, 100 , 1000, 200 million people that are around me are good and feel good .

This trip is to be useful to gain more insight into my mental map , ie , about the thoughts that haunt my mind and if they serve me well . This same trip should serve me to change my habits of behavior, always thinking that everything is better , everything is rewarding not only for me but for my family , friends, acquaintances . If feelings of anger, anger, bitterness of disappointment is more intense than other feelings , affection , friendship, kindness , gratitude . This trip is different from the others to perform in the past because it frees me from the guilt for the mistakes and that remain unfulfilled goals , because I can put it in safety: I feel good , I feel great, I have an optimal health , I'm a happy, happy , fulfilled person , I have a feeling of gratitude for the generous life has been to me.

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